Most Common Questions for PC/DM Services

Question: I am getting a divorce; do you create Separation Agreements? 
Answer: Currently, the Statute for PC/DM states we can only clarify and help implement current, existing Parenting Plans.

Question: How much is a family law attorney in Colorado compared to a PC/DM? 
Answer: The Average cost for a divorce attorney in Colorado is $270.00 with an average retainer of $3,240.00. You will see the rate of $200.00-$350.00 for Colorado lawyers, and a retainer of $3,000.00- $5,000.00. Roberts Family Resolution Services currently offers the lowest rate of PC/DM services in the state of Colorado. 

Question: Why would I need a PC/DM? 
Answer: A PC/DM is best used in cases to maintain and modify existing Separation Agreements. It is an alternative legal binding option that is more cost and time effective to aid in communication, accountability and problems that arise. Problems that arise can be disputes concerning relocation, school change, disagreements on decisions, disagreements on clarification of the parenting agreement, scheduling conflicts, parenting time exchange conflicts, communication conflicts, child support, assisting the parties in creating guidelines and implementing their parenting plan, developing guidelines for communication, and helping to minimize conflicts by providing solutions with anything in regard to the parties Separation Agreement. The use of a decision- maker is valuable in obtaining speedy resolution of disputes so the parties and their children can move forward instead of becoming mired in further court proceedings. A Parenting Coordinator works much like a mediator or referee and helps both parties reach decisions on any and all parenting issues that are being disputed.

Question: How do I get started?
Answer: Give us a call at (720) 606- 3424. Email us at, or contact us by filling out or contact form. We will then set up a free 15-minute phone consultation for each party involved. Each case varies depending if a PC/DM is ordered by the court, recommended by your lawyer or in mutual agreement of the parties. We will begin right away with resolving the most crucial and immediate matters that you have been unable to resolve.

Question: Do I meet with you in person or over the phone? 
Answer: Most of our clients are working professionals with a busy family life, Roberts Family Resolution Services has an office Downtown Denver as well as in the Denver Tech Center. After your initial free phone call consultation, we will set up a meeting to meet in person. If you live outside of the area, our team will meet you at a coffee shop or library throughout the area closest to you.