A Parenting Coordinator (PC) is a court-appointed professional who assists the parties in implementing safe and workable parenting plans. Cynthia has expertise in divorce, families, children and custody and parenting time issues. A Parenting Coordinator is used when there is chronic, unresolved high conflict and/or ineffective parental communication. A PC is used to facilitate the resolution of disputes in a timely manner and with prior approval of the parties and/or the court, makes decisions within the scope of the court order or appointment contract. The goals of parenting coordination include: minimizing chronic conflict, focusing and educating parents on their needs of their children, reducing litigation, implementing parenting plans, improving communication and decision-making. A PC is appointed when there is ongoing disagreements about implementing of parenting plan and the parties agree to use a PC to reduce cost and burden of continued litigation. The role of a Parent Coordinator/Decision-Maker (PC/DM) is to dispute resolution, conflict resolution, educate parents about needs of children, improve communication between parents and decision making. A PC is not a psychotherapist, a CFI, APR, CLR, attorney or mediator.

Specific duties of the PC includes assisting the parties in creating an agreed-upon, structured guideline for implementation of the parenting plan; developing guidelines for communication and suggesting resources, assisting parties in realistically identifying each party's contribution, and assisting parties in developing parenting strategies to minimize conflict. 

The role of a Decision- Maker (DM) has binding authority to resolve disputes as to implementation or clarification of exiting orders in a manner consistent with the substantive intent of the court order. A DM may be appointed at any time after the entry of an order for parental responsibilities and upon written consent of the parties. The authority for a DM should be included in a court order. The statutory authority of a DM includes but is not limited to disputes concerning parenting time, specific disputed parental decisions, and child support.

Colorado Statutes include CRS 14-10-128:1 Parenting Coordinator and CRS 14-10-128:3 Domestic Relations Decision-Maker

(Comprehensive Training for Parenting Coordinators and Decision- Makers 2017 Coates and McNamara).  


Supervised Visitation Specialist

A Supervised Visitation Specialist includes but is not limited to the role of supervising and observing the relationship between a child/children and their parent/parents. This includes sometimes notes of these interactions, educating in parenting skills, aiding in reunification, fulfilling a court order, maintaining the interest for the child at all times, and encouraging child age appropriate activities and interests. In some cases, parents may need help in finding resources to become more stable, and Cynthia aids in helping families find the right resources they need to be healthy and happy. A visitation can happen in a community, home or office setting depending on what is ordered or required. The time for visitations is to be determined through various parties, Cynthia aims to make each visitation feel comfortable, meaningful, safe and enjoyable. Cynthia values the relationships she makes with all her clients through honesty, trust and commitment. 

Important Information on Parenting Time