Background of Cynthia Roberts

Roberts Family Resolution Services was founded by Cynthia Roberts. Cynthia Roberts graduated with her BA in Psychology, minor in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Cynthia has worked at Emily Griffith, Life Support Institute, CHARG Resource Center, volunteered at Denver Housing Authority, Life Center of Greely, Denver University, Little Heart Children and StepUp. Throughout her college career and work experience, she focused on the dynamics and effects of high conflict divorce, parenting and remarriage, family dynamics and dysfunction, domestic violence, substance abuse, child development, brain injuries, memory problems, child abuse, mental health, medical, mental health and educational needs.

Cynthia has work experience in transition, reunification, attachment and abandonment issues. Cynthia is trained in mediation and conflict. In addition to this, she mediates between families, lawyers and various specialists including but not limited to neurologists, medical personal, judges, case workers and psychologists. Her background is in case management, supervised visitation and human resource management, social services, and office management. She is also experienced in family growth and therapeutic intervention, specializing in cognitive, behavioral and psychiatric problems. Cynthia has experience working in very hostile environments, where she has brought about long term resolutions through communication, responsibility and action. Her passion for helping families stemmed from her education experience, her success in various high risk cases, and her passion to offer attentive, active and alert services to each client.



Roberts Family Resolution Services strives and believes the common ground for each family differs from case to case, especially when two different sides have two different truths. Cynthia Roberts goal is to strive for a way to move forward with what is best for the child short and long term, while maintaining an approach that is fair, transparent and non bias for each parent and family members involved. Through evaluation and commitment, she strives for truth, solution and effectiveness. She is trained in conflict resolution, Parenting Coordination Decision- Making, Supervised Visitation Specialist and continues to train in her field of work yearly with the current practices to ensure the best quality of services offered to her clients.

She is confident that whether this is your last resort or first, she will bring you the accurate and effective long- term resolutions you are looking for. She promises the highest organizational and interpersonal communication, experience and knowledge that you are seeking. Roberts Family Resolutions is here to work with you, not against you. This may feel like a hopeless time, but there is hope. Cynthia will meet your needs and go above and beyond for long term success to result in a peaceful solution.